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some excerpt of press reviews about agog

NRC handelsblad
Agog races across the borders between jazz, rock, chamber music or folk music and knows how to find the right balance in their compositions, full of surprises and catchy grooves.

A communicative, groundbreaking and equal trio.

From a radio broadcast about Agog, June 1996
A cunning trio, refined rhythms, energetic, sympathetic, intelligent, exiting, vital and virtuoso. Many different influences are put together in a unique way. Every song is a new surprise

De Volkskrant
Surprisingly strong

...Agog is not a one hour lasting ego-trip of a guitar player but a communicative, groundbreaking and equal trio.

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Reviews of our India Tour 2008

Goa goes 'Agog'

The winds blew rustically across the joyous settings to the accompaniment of the overture of 'Agog'. A Jazz evening seemed to be the best way to fill the night with exhilaration replete with a comfy lounge setting to boot. The Dutch group 'Agog' did just that as they exemplified their prowess at Shiro Beach, Candolim. Great expectations preceded the visit of this sensational jazz group to India. They lived up to it by letting everyone go 'Agog' with some coruscating sensations on their music. Going completely instrumental, their act always blended with the music and the emotion in their countenance and the harmony was intrinsic and mostly on a high note. The scintillating evening was made possible by the efforts of Reira Eco Ventures and Radio Indigo. There is surely something uncanny about the surroundings at Shiro Beach, which simply added to the intriguing upshot triggered by the music. The atmosphere was filled with a simulating charge hurtling to the mortal and giving invigorating the sated senses. The Dutch musicians comprising o Frank Wingold on guitars, Joost Lijbaart on drums and Mark Haanstra on electric bass sent their audience 'Agog' with some splendid poignant contemporary jazz. The mood was always electric, the aura of the brilliant feat always in the air. The evening encapsulated the oomph of the live jazz flourish combined with the enhancement, the ambiance and environs resulting in a cherished experience. The tranquil lounge-seating along the gaping sea on a lucid summer night, chic interiors with an unrivaled jazz extravaganza created an inimitable and unsurpassed experience. There was the piece of music written by Frank Wingold that brought in the true essence of the somber celebrative pulsation. This music was pieced together some years ago at the birth of his son and the gamut of adulations commemorates the occasion. They pieced together persistently on a high lofty note holding the high into a melange in complete merriment. The improvisations have been deeply engraved in feeling mostly hitting the highs in the incremental throes of festivity. Mark Haanstra kept the plucking and strumming going, accompanied by a delightful sway. Joost Lijbaart impressed with the free flow of his hands on the acoustic drum-set. Ambidextrous seemed to be the word that described every member of the group. Frank Wingold was at the guitar with all avidness. His fingers were impressively sliding over the frets with great ease and adroitness. All they did formed pure jazz rhythms with the grandiose effects of the electric bass, acoustic drums and lead guitar set into great perennial delights. The promoters of the event Reira Eco Ventures have lived up to their commitment of impacting peoples' lives through the initiatives like this show. An event like this brings in high quality, international artists to create a distinctive melodious encounter in Goa. What is interesting is also that part of the proceeds raised during the show will go towards supporting talented students of music who are unable to afford music classes or instruments. The Dutch trio went 'Agog' when they won the Europe jazz contest in 1993 and came together to become one its kind on the European jazz scene because of their vivid repertoire and the passion n their performance. The trio reestablished in 2001 after a break of a few years and since then they have left an indelible mark on the global musical terrain. Goa was their newest conquest where they incarcerated the hearts of the ever-growing jazz following along the sun, sand and sea. This was preceded by performances to packed audiences and rave reviews in Mumbai and Bangalore. Their albums include 'Shortcuts to Detours' and 'Meltdown' which were received well by the audiences. In July 2002 they won the Dutch Jazz Competition and from then on they have been performing each year at home and abroad. Currently Agog is working on a new album with compositions from Frank Wingold and Mark Haanstra. The release is scheduled for the second half of 2008 By Colin Savio Coelho Herald, Sunday, 11 May 2008