Frank Wingold (1968, Germany) started playing the guitar with age of nine. After private lessons in different styles he studied Jazz and Classical Guitar from 1988 till 1993 at the renowned ‘Amsterdam school of the Arts’ in The Netherlands. Now he lives in Cologne/Germany as an active bandleader and sideman.
His influences are the classical guitar-repertoire of the 20th century, jazz and improvised music, the rock history, electronic music and the music of Eastern Europe and the Orient. He combines classical and jazz/rock-orientated techniques on acoustic and electric guitars to realize his own language of sound for both improvisation and composition.
Among other projects he is member of the band UNDERKARL, one of the most famous young ensembles in Europe. They played at the Jazzfest Berlin 1997. Frank tours regularly all over Europe and abroad.
Joost Lijbaart (1967, The Netherlands) started drumming when he was seven years old. Later on he studied at the conservatory in Hilversum where he graduated in 1991. During his studies he went to Senegal (West Africa) to take lessons in African Percussion with the legendary DuDu and Ali un D´Aya Rose.
His knowledge and mastering of many musical styles ranging from African ethnical music to pop, jazz and modern classical music make him a versatile musician. But what makes him outstanding is his ability to become one with the other musicians and participate in the melodic and harmonic developments as well as performing his rhythmical function.
He has toured in more than 20 countries including China, Canada, Australia, The Middle East and Georgia (USSR).
Mark Haanstra (1974, The Netherlands) studied bassguitar and doublebass at the Conservatory of Hilversum. He gratuated cum laude September 1997 with an honorable mention for composition. From 1995 untill 1999 he studied with composer Rafael Reina at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.
Since the last couple of years Mark Haanstra works in the improvised and jazz field as well in the contemporary classical field. He is is seeking for a personal style which combines influences from all these.
He has performed in many countries including the USA, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, India and the Netherlands. He recorded several cd’s with a wide variety of groups and artists.