AGOG: excited; eager for; curious; to be ~
AGOG: study of the change in tempo introduced in support of expressive recital.........ago go..........AGOG
Photo: Bernd Arnold
October 2011 - agog will tour South Korea and China

02-10 Club Concert Seoul, Korea
03-10 Jarasum Jazz Festival, Korea
04-10 Concert Xiao Xiang Ceng Fu Jia Yu Cun Club, Beijing, China
05-10 Afternoon: Masterclass UCCG 798 area
Evening: Concert Xiao Xiang Ceng Fu Jia Yu Cun Club, Beijing
07-10 Concert Beijing (venue t.b.a.)
June 2010 - Agog toured in China

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New release september 2008
`Some Frump Punk´
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New: agog Live-clip from a concert in Eindhoven November on YouTube.
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Winner of the Dutch Jazz Contest at the North Sea Jazz Festival 2002

Whatever meaning given to Agog, because of the expressive repertoire and the intensity of the performance, Agog is an unique group in the European jazz scene. The trio started in September 2001 and since then they put their marks in the musical landscape. Both the audience and press received their first cd ‘Shortcuts to Detours’ very positive. In July 2002 they won the Dutch Jazz Competition and since that time they have been doing many concerts each year both in and outside the Netherlands.

From the very beginning Agog presented itself as a groundbreaking and equal trio. Raw rock can be followed by whispering ballads without making a parody of genres. agog is not a typical guitar trio but a mini orchestra, which uses the group sound and the unique chemistry between the musicians to it’s full potential.

Some Frump Punk

In 2007 they started working on their new cd. With a completely renewed repertoire written by Frank and Mark they started searching for a more melodic and pop like sound without loosing the experimental character the group always had. After a long process they released their new cd on TryTone records in September 2008.

Rinus van der Heijden, Jazzenzo about “Some Frump Punk. Sept. 2008:
…The new Agog cd gives us new insights into the song culture. The guitar is singing and the bass and drums are singing along with him…”

Heman te Loo, Jazzflits about “Some Frump Punk. Sept 2008:
“…Even in their solos they stay close to the melodic starting point. It gives this cd an enormously strong unity…”

Sybren Renema, Draai om je Oren about “Some Frump Punk. Oct. 2008:
“… It’s unpredictability makes Agog on of the most interesting guitar trios of today…”

Maartje den Breejen, Parool about “meltdown”. Nov. 2004:
“... Dreamy sound scapes and steaming funk, it all sounds equally fresh and lively...”

Edo Dijksterhuis, NRC Handelsblad, June 2005:
“... Catchy compositions full of unexpected turns...”

Maarten Schulp, Bassmagazine about “meltdown”. Okt 2004:
“... A chance for listeners from any kind to expand their imagination a few kilometers with truly original music...”

Jacob Haagsma, Leeuwarder Courant May 2004:
“...Imaginative, clear and intense music...”

Besides their work as a trio agog also initiates projects with guests:

Agog with Strings
Their 2nd album ‘Meltdown’ features collaboration with the Zapp String Quartet. This critically acclaimed cd, which was produced by Radio Netherlands, got released in May 2004 on Jazz in Motion/Challenge.

Agog plays Radiohead
In 2006 Agog asked saxophonist Jasper Blom and the Belgium Fender Rhodes wizard Jozef Dumoulin to put together a new program based on the music of Radiohead.